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Looking for a way to get connected and serve? We have plenty of ways of you can get involved and serve.

  • Communion Prep – Would you like to help serve behind the scenes? Responsibilities include filling the the juice cups and preparing the communion trays. Please contact Mark Sharrar at jssharrar@gmail.com.


  • Media – On Friday nights at CCC, we need some media minded people. Do you have it? Contact Sam Moon at Sam@C3ChristianChurch.com


    Nursery Volunteers – We need volunteers to help in the nursery on Friday nights. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Sam Moon at Sam@C3ChristianChurch.com


    Celebration Place – Do you have a deep love and concern for children, dependability, a desire to impact and serve little lives with God’s love? For teachers and helpers ages 5 – 12, please contact Christina Springer at CelebrationPlace@C3ChristianChurch.com

  • Worship Team – If you are interested in serving on the worship team and sharing your gifts with the congregation.


    Stage Light Operator – Volunteers are needed to operate the stage lights in the Worship Center.


    Digital Display – Would you like to help enhance C3’s worship experience? We need volunteers to help display lyrics and teaching points with the speaker’s notes on Sunday mornings.

  • Kingdom Kids volunteers have one thing in common—a commitment to children, to their spiritual development and to guiding them into a relationship with Jesus that will last the rest of their lives. Volunteering in Kingdom Kids doesn’t necessarily mean you will get on the floor and play. (But it can!) We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities that allow you to make a significant contribution to our kids.

    Did you know most Kingdom Kids volunteers start with little or no experience? There are plenty of ways you can get plugged in.

    If interested in volunteering, email KingdomKids@C3ChristianChurch.com

  • Sound Operator – The sound operator will run the soundboard while the worship team is practicing and playing, record the teaching, and have music playing before and after Elevate. They will need to be at the church by 5:00pm for practice and run the board during the night.


    Video Operator – The video operator will run the slide shows during worship and have videos ready when used. They will need to learn and become familiar with the Easy Worship software. They should be at the church by 5:00pm for a run through of the songs and test of videos/PowerPoint’s.


    Snack Supervisor – The snack supervisor should have snacks out and prepared before students arrive and when small groups conclude each Sunday night. They will be responsible for making sure snacks are provided and getting other people to help donate them when necessary.


    Fundraising Coordinator – Finding and putting together fundraisers to help students go to events such as Momentum, Urban Hope, etc. This person does not necessary need to be at Elevate on Sunday nights. If you are gifted in running fundraisers, maybe this is the spot for you!


    Small Group Leader – After the lesson each week we split into small groups to take the discussion even further. Each group consists of a student leader who facilitates the discussions and an adult who also helps in the discussion and relationship building.

  • Deposit Assistant – Are you good at keeping confidential information and want to find your serving niche at our church? Come join the Deposit Team! Data entry skills are necessary and a Criminal Background check will be performed. If you are interested, please contact Barbara Wolfe at BWolfe@odcc.com

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