Request and Promotion

Requesting an Event/Promotion:

Please read the C3 Facility Use Policy and complete all necessary information in the Event Request/Promotion Form. Form submission must be at least 15 days prior to when you would like CCC to begin promoting your event. We can begin the promotion process once we have received all of the requested information.  If you have any questions contact Katrina@C3ChristianChurch.com .


CCC’s Facility Use Policy:

All event promotion will be handled by CCC’s Communication Team. CCC will create the promotional materials requested in the “Event Request Form.” If you have promotional material already created that you would like to use, it must first be approved by CCC’s Communication Team before it is used. For questions about pre-made promotional material contact the Graphic Designer.

All Facebook events and online promotion will go through CCC’s Communication Team. Events using the church facilities are not to be promoted on personal Facebook pages or anywhere else online without the approval of CCC’s Communication Team. It is acceptable to share events created on Connection Christian Church’s Facebook page.

Event promotion will not begin until approval for the event is granted by the church elders. The contact person listed on the “Event Request Form” will receive an email when approval status is granted for their event and will also be notified when the promotion period begins.

CCC’s communication team will make every effort to supply the promotional materials requested. However, it may not always be possible to fully meet the requests. CCC’s communication team maintains the right to decide what promotional materials will be created and distributed.




Event Request/Promotion Form

C3 Facility Use Policy



Contact Information:



Graphic Designer

Any Other Questions

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can head over to our contact us page and fill out a detailed form.